OrcPosting is The Right’s Answer to The Left’s Harry Potter

Take a look on Twitter anytime President Trump does, well, anything and you’ll be sure to find a slew of crying leftists comparing the current situation to various events in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series.  Rowling’s books and their subsequent movies were aimed at a younger audience and so features a clear, black-and-white narrative of a struggle between good and evil.

Voldemort is obviously the bad guy, which means he’s obviously Donald Trump. Harry Potter and his friends are obviously the good guys because they’re against Voldemort which means anybody who opposes Trump is also inherently good. This simplification and reduction of complicated politics into a childish pop-culture reference is, for one reason or another, seen as witty and insightful by those that make them. But in reality it’s getting a bit cringey.

I mean, just look at those likes and retweets!

But, fear not. As Paul Joseph Watson said, conservatism is the new counterculture and as any cultural underdog will tell you, satire is a very powerful tool. Instead of making Harry Potter references, conservatives are parodying leftists by comparing them to characters in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. Specifically, leftists that call for open borders and the unrestricted flow of migrants into western countries. Ever wonder how different the books and movies would’ve turned out if Middle Earth had reacted to the invading Orcs the same way some liberals react to the millions of migrants illegally entering Europe and the United States? Wonder no more.



Some have even taken a more broad approach and made LOTR parodies of social justice warriors as well.

OrcPosting versus Harry Potter references is just the latest battle in the Second Great Meme War which in itself is part of an even bigger culture war; a war for the hearts and minds of the general public. If history is any accurate predictor of the future, I’m placing my bets on the satirists.