Racism Simulator – Literally Hitler Update

Given Sean Spicer’s recent Hitler gaff, everybody’s favorite evil boogeyman and the atrocities he committed are back in the public conscious. 

Could Spicer have worded that a bit better? Yup. Should he have even made a Hitler analogy in the first place? I don’t think so; Hitler analogies have gotten stale and overused. Personally, I try not to make them anymore. But, there was a Huffington Post article published recently by Shelley Garland, a philosophy student, that I couldn’t help but draw comparisons to how Nazi Germany disenfranchised and treated their minority Jewish population. Naturally, I added a “white” to “jew” mode to Racism Simulator to see how blatantly racist, anti-semetic, and Nazi-like Miss (apologies if I misgendered you) Garland’s article would magically become if the group being written about was swapped.

This was the result:


And here are the results from that article and various other articles on Salon and Huffington Post:



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Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/racism-simulator-unclechang/


Update: The Huffington Post has retracted the article citing the inability to verify the existence of the author but not before trying to defend it.