This Is Why You Lost

This is a message to you. The regressive left. The SJWs. Antifa. Whatever you want to call yourselves. 

This is why you lost


You lost because you told the poor, white, working class families in rural Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan that they were the privileged ones. That despite losing their jobs, despite their factories shipping to China and Mexico, and despite barely being able to put food on the table that they were privileged ones because of the color of their skin.

I come from a working class family and let me tell you, the struggle doesn’t discriminate. Working class parents work their hands to the bone in the hopes that their children will have better lives than them. When their jobs get shipped overseas, so do their hopes and dreams. They’re not privileged. You’re privileged.

“The struggle doesn’t discriminate”

You sit in your big comfy chairs in your fancy offices up in the ivory towers of university sociology departments and you expect us to give two shits and a fuck about your “identity politics?” The first thing we think of when we wake up isn’t intersectional transfeminism. It’s whether or not we’ll be able to make this month’s rent. It’s whether or not our Bronze Tier Obamacare plan will cover lil Brittany’s weird cough that she probably got because we can’t afford to feed her anything other than cold chicken tendies.

You’re the real racists. But you’re blind to your own hypocrisy because you redefined and weaponized the word so that you can judge an entire group of people without being called out for it. Suddenly, it’s a-okay to be as racist and nasty to people as long as you consider them “privileged” or if they disagree with you. And now you’ve taken it a step further and started justifying violence against them. It’s easy to punch a Nazi isn’t it? When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. When you write off everybody as Nazis, everybody’s fair game for violence. This is not how discourse in a civil democracy works.

You have one foot across the line. This past year you’ve chased and beat down Trump supporters. You egged a woman that just wanted to attend a Trump Rally. You pepper sprayed a woman that wasn’t even a threat to you because she was wearing a parody MAGA hat. You threw rocks at people that just wanted to hear Milo give a speech.

Take a step back. You do not want to normalize violence. I repeat. You do not want to normalize violence. If violence becomes acceptable as political discourse, you will lose. Step out of your bubble for just a second. Step out of the liberal cities and look out at the rest of the country. You’re out numbered. Out manned. And out gunned.

You do not want to normalize violence

Fight with your words not sticks and stones


Reach out to your conservative friends. Talk to Trump supporters. Ask them why they voted the way they did. Try to understand why they believe what they believe. This is the only way you can win because you need us on your side. You need us more than we need you.

Generation Z,  the kids being born and growing up now, are projected to be the most conservative generation in decades. More conservative than your grandparents.

We, millennials, grew up with the Internet. These kids are growing up in the Internet.

They will shitpost better than all of us combined.

They will harness meme magic better than any 400 lb 30 year old virgin.

And they are why you cannot win this with violence. You can’t kill us all. You can only reason with us.