He Will Not Divide Us: Liverpool’s Closed

Shia’s back! Well, not anymore. It took just 24 hours and 30 minutes for 4chan and 8chan posters to get to Shia Labeouf’s flag this time.  This was an improvement over the 37 hour record last time. As soon as the stream went up, users saw the cloudy weather as a clue. They looked at weather maps of the continental USA to find places with the most cloud cover as possible locations for the new flag. The most popular location at the time was North Carolina.

But their effort was unneeded as someone soon noticed that the new location publicly announced their adoption of the art project on their website. It was at the FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) building in Liverpool, UK. Yes, HWNDU went international and the clouds were just a feature of the new country the flag was moved to.  There was no need for crowdsourced flight tracking triangulation or celestial navigation this time, all someone had to do was be willing to break a few laws and trespass onto private party in the middle of a busy city. Perhaps Labeouf and co. thought nobody would be crazy enough to try.

They were wrong.

Yes, someone found the floor plans for the building. Like a real life version of Assassin’s Creed, the plan was to get onto the roof of a nearby building and jump across to the FACT building, steal the flag, and escape.

And a few hours ago as of this posting, a group of three did just that.

The perps shut off the camera before lowering the flag, leaving some to wonder if it was all just an elaborate troll. But with live updates being posted, the eager spectators of Shia’s torment were put at ease.

And finally, picture confirmation of their success.

FACT has since announced they’re also abandoning the project. This marks the fourth time LaBeouf’s Trump protest has been abandoned after the internet decided to have some fun with the man who used to be famous.

The project is dead for now. As for the flag?

Update: The three trespassers reportedly got away but do not have the flag. Looks like there isn’t going to be a trophy this time.